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dutch graphic design summer school
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open set 2014

Open Set — Dutch Graphic Design Summer School runs from the 28th of July to the 9th of August in 2014 and comprises two weeks of workshops and lectures under the guidance of noted Dutch and international designers. The school is structured within a studio environment so as to offer participants the opportunity to experiment with different design approaches and share their ideas with colleagues from around the world.

The program caters to young designers, creators, and thinkers fascinated with and impassioned by their profession. With such a cadre of participants we advance our goal of promoting and enhancing the social value of design by creating a platform for debate, knowledge exchange, and experience building.
social game

The 2014 edition of Open Set under the theme “Social Game” centers on the role of the designer in processes of public engagement with cultural production and distribution.

The processes we address and their consequences are directly connected to current global economical, technological, and social change. The rise in new creative and decentralized forms of economy is reshaping working design conditions and relations with clients and end users. We see that we are part of a new type of cross-disciplinary collaboration, which deals better with the complex and ever-changing requests from the public. Working in an era of technological boom, therefore, requires increased attention to the digital medium and the ability to adapt and build our own design tools.

This societal context positions the designer not as executor or producer, but as creator of strategies, facilitating the conditions for social processes and even provoking new ones. Open Set examines this theme by focusing on existing reactions from the creative industry to new social requirements—a focus informed by designers who create participatory and interactive experiences, act as journalists building visual stories, and initiate social processes and digital platforms.
tutors and workshops

Open Set 2014 has a richer program consisting in workshops of one or three days by Andy Altmann, Felix Janssens (Total Identity), Jan van Toorn, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Trapped in Suburbia, Annelys de Vet, Karel van der Waarde, Andreas Gysin, Richard Vijgen, Els Kuijpers and Latitudes. The introduction lecture will be held by design critic Max Bruinsma.

The flexibility of the schedule is one of the key points of this years' edition. You can either apply for the full summer school program of two weeks, or attend to single workshops.
The concept is to have several workshops during the summer school. Sometimes workshops are held parallel for smaller groups of participants. If you apply for the summer school you will have to choose a workshop in case there are multiple workshops at the same time.

Andy Altmann
Jeanne van Heeswijk Latitudes
Annelys de Vet Trapped in Suburbia
Karel van der Waarde Andreas Gysin
Richard Vijgen
Felix Janssens
Jan van Toorn

Week 1 28 Jul - 3 August
28 July Introduction lecture Max Bruinsma,
Andy Altmann - workshop day 1
29 July Andy Altmann - workshop day 2
30 July Andy Altmann - workshop day 3
31 July Jeanne van Heeswijk / Latitudes - workshop
01 Aug Trapped in Suburbia / Annelys de Vet - workshop day 1
02 Aug Trapped in Suburbia / Annelys de Vet - workshop day 2
03 Aug Annelys de Vet - workshop day 3 / break day for the rest
Week 2 04-09 August
04 Aug Trapped in Suburbia - workshop day 3 / break day for the rest
05 Aug Andreas Gysin / Karel van der Waarde - workshop
06 Aug Richard Vijgen - workshop
07 Aug Felix Janssens / Jan van Toorn - workshop day 1
08 Aug Felix Janssens / Jan van Toorn - workshop day 2
09 Aug Felix Janssens / Jan van Toorn - workshop day 3

The deadline for applications is the 15th of July, 2014.

If you are interested in applying, send us your personal data (name, age, country), motivation letter and portfolio to . Be sure to mention the setup you want to attend, either it is full summer school application or just one workshop.

For the full summer school you'll have to choose between parallel workshops where it is the case (3 main workshops of three days and 3 workshops of one day). It's not possible to attend to both workshops which take place the same day. Places for single workshops are limited in favour to the full summer school applications. All workshops will be held in english and participants will have to bring their own laptops.

For applications before 1st of May the full summer school fee is € 800 and single workshops of three days is € 300 and of one day is € 100.

After this date the fee becomes € 900 for the full program, respectively € 350 for single three days workshops and €120 for single one day workshops.

Within one week after the application you will receive a confirmation email only if you are admitted. To be officially registered as a participant, you must pay the enrollment fee. A maximum of 30 participants for the full program will be accepted for this year's edition.


This year's edition is hosted right in the heart of Rotterdam by Kunstblock (Art Block Rotterdam) formed by cultural institutions in and around the Witte de With street.

If you want we can help you with accomodation during the event which is close to the Open Set main location. You can pick a bed in a shared room at special prices (20-25 euro/person) at King Kong hostel in Rotterdam. The application fee does not include accomodation and will be managed by each participant.
open set
previous editions

Open Set 2012 under the theme Utopia consisted in workshops held by Thomas Castro (LUST), Liza Enebeis (Studio Dumbar) and Petr van Blokland. Open Set 2013 having as the theme 'Commonomy' consisted in workshops and lectures held by Jonathan Barnbrook, Petr van Blokland, Max Bruinsma, Jan van Toorn, Geert Lovink, Martijn Engelbregt, Catalogtree and Casco.

Participants ranged from all over Europe to further countries as USA, Canada, India, Australia, China and Russia. If you want to know more about the outcome, articles from tutors and discussions of last years, have a look at the catalogs here.
organizers and partners

Open Set 2014 is organized and initiated by Vlad Butucariu & Irina Shapiro (Studio Squash) and is generously supported by Graphic Design Festival Breda and Kunstblock Rotterdam.

If you need to get in touch with us, send a note to or follow us on facebook for more updates and details.

The design of Open Set is a collaboration project between Studio Squash and Martin Gnadt with coding-help by IundS AG.
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