Committed to a community that transcends institutional and national borders,

Open Set frequently collaborates with its global network of educational and cultural partners to organise programmes outside of the Netherlands. Similar in format to the Summer School, these programmes expose participants to a diversity of thought and facilitate trans-disciplinary, cross-cultural collaborations.

Open Set Seoul Sessions


The Seoul edition of Open Set took place in February 2016 in South Korea and was the first to be made in collaboration with one of the most noted design universities in this country — Kookmin University. The event was comprised of a series of workshops and symposiums hosted by the university and cultural institutions and centers, such as the Leeum Museum of Art, Dongdaemun Plaza and The Book Society.

With the theme Memory of the Future, the event addressed first of all the contemporary understanding of memory itself — including thinking about information which presents our global memory, its contemporary digitalization and also its editing and mediation, — as well as the concept of relationships between people, institutions, systems, etc., which were the prism through which we discussed the past, present and future.

The lineup of tutors and speakers was comprised of noted Dutch and Korean designers, artists and researchers, such as: Karen Lancel, Studio Lust, Annelys de Vet, Max Bruinsma, Koert van Mensvoort, Mediabus, Sulki & Min, Jinyeoul Jung, Peter Bilak, Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho.

The Open Set Dutch Design Seoul Sessions was made possible by the generous support of Creative Industries Fund NL, the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Seoul, Kookmin University, CA Korea magazine and The Book Society.